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Stefan Erben

• Co-Founder of CryptoExplorer GmbH
• Co-Founder of KeyLiving GmbH
• Founder of InvestmentExplorer

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Curriculum Vitae

Co-Founder of KeyLiving GmbH

since March 2024
KeyLiving combines traditional real estate brokerage services with the development of a new digital platform. This platform, currently under construction, will streamline the process of buying, selling, and managing properties. It aims to provide a comprehensive suite of services for home management, all in one accessible online platform. KeyLiving is dedicated to making real estate transactions straightforward and efficient for everyone.

Co-Founder & Partner at CryptoExplorer GmbH

since August 2017
CryptoExplorer provides over half a million people on Instagram, Discord, and Telegram with daily cryptocurrency content. We help to connect crypto enthusiasts, investors and startups to build the future of our financial system together. We offer a wide range of products for both B2C and B2B.

Founder of InvestmentExplorer

since September 2023
At InvestmentExplorer, I share my investment knowledge to interested and prospective investors. The e-learning platform offers a wide range of video courses as well as a membership for those who want to get more involved. I acquired the platform, formerly known as CryptoExplorer Pro, in 2023 and rebranded it in April 2024.

Master, IT, Digitalization & Sustainability at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

September 2022 - August 2023
GPA: 3.86, Focus: Artificial Intelligence, passed with distinction

Master, Information Systems Management at University of Applied Sciences Vienna

September 2021 - June 2023
GPA: 3.9, passed with distinction

State-certified Investment Advisor at WKO Vienna

Wealth Accumulation, Investment & Portfolio Management, Financing, Insurance Brokerage.

Founder at Wetomate

since August 2022
Wetomate specializes in automation and marketing, particularly in software integration and task automation for small and medium businesses. Learn more.

Bachelor, Business Informatics at University of Applied Sciences Vienna

September 2018 - June 2021
GPA: 3.82, passed with distinction.

IT Consultant at zeb

February - April 2021
Internship. MIS Phase I - Module I: Project for introducing an end-to-end data management solution in the context of recovery and resolution planning. FRMP SBAT Data Delivery: Project for the integration of the local data warehouse in SBAT into the groupwide Finance & Risk Management Platform.

Part-time employee at Erste Group

August 2018 - January 2021
Creation and further development of the group-internal eLearning.

Internship at Accenture

April - June 2018
Creation of status reports for the internal and external management, as well as process management.

Software Developer at Medical University of Vienna

March 2016 - May 2017
Independent development of NucleiJ, an award-winning Java-based image recognition software for further research on glioblastoma (brain tumor).

Student at HTL Hollabrunn - Electronics and computer engineering

2012 - 2017
Webdevelopment, Java Development, Production and programming of electronic components


Stefan Erben CryptoExplorer

CryptoExplorer Pro

CryptoExplorer Pro combines video courses, daily crypto research & analysis and an exclusive community over 10,000+ members. CryptoExplorer Pro is the must-have tool for tomorrow's crypto champ. If cutting edge information that will keep you one step ahead of the competition is what you're after, then you have come to the right place.

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CryptoExplorer Network

Cr͏y͏p͏t͏o͏Ex͏p͏l͏o͏r͏e͏r is one of the world's largest crypto-related communities with more than 600,000 members and a weekly reach of over 1,000,000 people. In addition, the CryptoExplorer Network manages & controls multiple other medium to large social media accounts.

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Stefan Erben CryptoExplorer

CryptoExplorer Talents

CryptoExplorer Talents is a job platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs. We connect exceptional talents and innovative blockchain companies to shape the world of tomorrow.

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CryptoExplorer Marketing

Cr͏y͏p͏t͏o͏Ex͏p͏l͏o͏r͏e͏r Marketing helps innovative blockchain companies to attract the right customers and get the traffic they deserve. Our clients include, Plutus and many other of the world's leading crypto companies.

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Stefan Erben CryptoExplorer

CryptoExplorer Academy

CryptoExplorer Academy is now CryptoExplorer Pro! eLearning platform that helped people to get started with cryptocurrencies. Learn how to buy, trade and understand Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co.

NucleiJ Stefan Erben

NucleiJ Image Analysis

Software for the Medical University of Vienna automates the analysis of brain tumour images to facilitate research on glioblastoma.

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AXAWARD 2017 - 4th place in the nationwide final with the diploma thesis "NucleiJ"

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